Ecocamel pressure boosting & soft water shower heads for home and RV

Our Pressure Boosting and Soft Water Shower Head collection offers a range of high-performance shower heads designed to deliver a powerful, refreshing shower experience, without using as much water by using out AirCore technology.

Featuring advanced technologies such as air injection, pressure boosting, and soft water technology, these shower heads will deliver superior shower performance and improved water pressure. Ecocamel Shower Heads are perfect for those looking to upgrade their home or RV shower experience with a refreshing and invigorating experience.

All of our shower heads are designed for easy installation, and come with all the necessary parts for a hassle-free setup.

Ecocamel Jetstorm Plus Shower Head

Power boosting, water saving shower head.
With 3 spray patterns!


Orbit Soft Water Shower Head

Tackle hard water in your shower while giving you a spa-like shower experience.


Orb Spa® Vibra

Spa-Like Massaging Shower Head


Ecocamel Jetstorm Shower Head

Power boosting, water saving shower head.


Orbit Shower head

Combat hard water with the best soft water shower head


Orb Spa® Vibra System

The Best Spa-Like Vibrating Shower Head