Magnetic Water Descalers - Fight hard water & limescale build up

Our revolutionary magnetic water descalers are designed to help fight hard water and limescale buildup in home and motorhome bathrooms. Our water descalers includes the Ecocamel Water Descaler, Decaler XL and Plantsurge. The Water Descaler and Decaler XL are perfect for use in home and RV & motorhomes, while the Plantsurge is designed for garden use, for more abundant crops.

Our Water Descaler and Plantsurge products are made from recycled ocean plastic (Oceanworks) and will make sure you can enjoy clean, safe, and limescale-free water for years to come.

Ecocamel Water Descaler

Magnetic water softening descaler for home & garden. No replacement parts needed!



Magnetic Water Softener For Garden & Home


Descaler XL

Commercial Water Descaler


Plantsurge XL

Commercial Garden Water Softener