This is, as reviewed by Motorhome magazine, the best RV shower head to install (2022)

The best RV shower head ever designed?

A shower head specifically designed for common issues found with original caravan shower heads, including low-pressure.

Some 12 years ago, we were approached by a caravan owner who saw our adverts in one of the newspapers.

He told us that he wanted to buy one of our aerated shower heads for his home and another for his caravan. He explained that he wanted to test the effectiveness of our low flow shower head for his caravan.

He was looking for a solution to improve the shower power in his Caravan as well as using less water. He wasn't sure whether our aerated water saving shower head was the right choice for him. With his wife they travelled often around Europe and they were looking for ways of using less water from their water tank.

After giving the Jetstorm shower head a trial for a few weeks, he was so impressed with the results that he decided to share his findings with his Caravan club as well as the manufacturer of his caravan.

The factory then tested our shower heads for several months and the rest is history.

Today the Jetstorm and the Orbit shower heads are installed in 100,000's of Caravans, Motorhomes and RV's across the UK, Europe and the USA.

There are over 10 million RV owners in the US. In 2022 it is estimated that more than 600,000 new RV's will be delivered to customers. It's a fantastic way to travel, discover nature and meet new communities.

Covid also changed the way people travelled and owning a mobile home was the perfect solution to safe and independent traveling without the risk of flight cancellations or travel health restrictions preventing holidays.

For consumers who use RVs as their main residence. The benefits are considerable; lower insurance and maintenance costs, lower utilities bills, freedom of movement and low depreciation value.

As designers of high performance water saving shower heads, we became very interested in learning more about the behavioural patterns and the requirements of our RV and caravan customers.

The same questions always came up: Do you have low pressure shower heads? Can you provide us with a water saving shower head? Do you have a shower head that increases water pressure? Do you have water and energy efficient shower heads? Can you prevent our shower heads from freezing and cracking when not in use during the cold winter months?

So with the feedback of caravan, RV and motorhome users we designed high performance shower heads that consumed less water but gave increased shower performance.

Our patented multiple venturis also allows for water to drain out of the shower head after every use. This prevented our shower heads cracking as they would freeze when not in use in the colder months.

We are excited to be involved in the RV / Caravan and motorhome industry and we continue to develop shower accessories and related products such as the Ecocamel Water Descaler and water saving shower shut off valves along with shower head replacement bundles  to offer effective and affordable solutions to caravaners and RV'ers wherever they are.

Our Jetstorm shower head which is our best selling RV shower head was reviewed by Bob Livingston in his Camping Gear Reviews in RV Magazine.

Bob said:

“The stream of water was not only stronger and wider, but the feeling on our bodies was soothing with just enough force to wake up our pores; unlike some water-saving shower heads, there was no stinging.

The Jetstorm spray is so efficient it’s not necessary to run at near or full pressure, which was required during the test due to the rudimentary two-handle mixer valve.”

If you would like to test the ultimate shower head for caravans then simply order here  and rest assured that with our 60 day money back guarantee, you have plenty of time to see for yourself just how good our shower heads are.