5 reasons you should install an Ecocamel rain shower head (treat yourself)

Showering with a Rain shower (or Rainfall shower) used to be a treat only available in luxury hotels. Nowadays, having a rain shower in your bathroom is becoming a standard fixture.

Offering great all-around coverage, rain showers provide a soothing full body spray pattern that’s great to wash away the day’s worries and stress.

If you are excited about the benefits and can’t wait to shower in one but you are worried about their reputation for using huge amounts of water then don’t worry. Here at Ecocamel we have found a solution to give you the pleasures of a rain shower while not wasting water.

Carry on reading to find out how you can still achieve considerable water and energy savings while experiencing a luxurious rain shower experience.

Shapes and sizes of shower heads

Rain showers come in various shapes and sizes and make taking a shower something to look forward to before starting a busy daily routine. Rain showers (or Rainfall showers) are larger in size compared with the standard handheld or fixed head showers. The reason they are so popular is because they deliver water in a similar fashion to steady rainfall experienced in nature.

In a recent survey we carried out with our customers, the number one reason for choosing to install a rain shower, was because they wanted to experience the same luxurious feeling they had previously felt when using a rain shower in a spa or luxury hotel. After all, we all deserve a few minutes of respite from the daily stresses of modern life!

What about the water pressure?

Because rain showers typically deliver so many more litres per minute, many users tend to limit its use or not turn on the tap to its full position in order to save water. The downside is that often the water pressure is not sufficient and users end up staying longer in the shower and so use more water.

So we now know that installing a rain shower is a fantastic way to enhance your shower, but what about the water usage and the direct costs of your energy bills?

Water usage and the impact on your energy bills.

We have already noted that rain showers are particularly beneficial as they distribute water evenly to provide a good all-around coverage. They offer a soothing spray pattern and a great escape from feeling stressed or anxious. However there is no denying that traditional rain showers consume more water and energy and are not very efficient.

But can you turn your rain shower into a water saving, power enhancing bathroom accessory?

Yes you can. At Ecocamel we designed an innovative feature called ‘aircore’ technology. This unique feature injects air directly into the shower’s water stream using a patented multiple venturi system.

So what? The multiple venturi restrict the water flow, but at the same time, air is injected into the water stream. Hence compensating for the reduction in water flow. Water droplets are infused with air making the droplets lighter and stronger while keeping the water coverage on your body just the same.

The result; you use considerably less water while experiencing a powerful and soothing rain shower.

All of our shower heads have been specifically designed to
increase shower performance while cutting down on your energy and water bills.

The Ecocamel rain shower will fit any standard fitting and it is easy to install. And, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, our rain shower comes comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

So should you install an Ecocamel rain shower?

Just look at the following 5 reasons to buy an Ecocamel rain shower:

  1. The natural rain-like spray pattern is soothing and rejuvenating.
  2. Installing an Ecocamel Rain shower is the only guilt free way of enjoying the benefits of a traditional rain shower. (less energy and water consumed)
  3. Our Aircore technology increases shower performance despite using less water.
  4. Money savings on your water and energy bills thanks to our Aircore technology.
  5. A risk free purchase thanks to our 60 day money back guarantee.

    What are you waiting for?

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