Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where you'll find everything you need to know about using your new Ecocamel Shower head.

Q: I have a power shower / Combi boiler. Can I use an Ecocamel shower head?

A: Yes, the Ecocamel shower is ideally suited for use with power showers / combi boilers as the bar pressure tends to be good.

Q: I have a gravity fed system with poor bar pressure. Can I use an Ecocamel shower head?

A: Many of our customers use our showerheads to improve their showering experience. Thanks to our patented multiple venturi, water and air are mixed together to give increased performance. In the event that your water pressure is extremely poor and you find no benefit from our shower heads, you will be able to return it and ask for a refund under our 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee.


Q: I live in a hard water area. Are Ecocamel shower heads suitable?

A: Yes, our shower heads are easy to maintain and clean. Frequent cleaning can be achieved quickly by rubbing the nozzles with your thumb. If this does not clear the limescale completely then we recommend that you soak your shower head in white vinegar or a limescale cleaner. Sometimes you will notice water starting to dribble out of the air intake hole when the shower head is in use. This is a sign that the limescale is blocking the holes in the face plate.

Why not try our Orbit Softwater shower head which is designed to soften hard water.

And you can also add a couple of Ecocamel Descalers to your water system to soften your water.


Q: Why is water coming out at the base of my shower head handle when I turn off my shower.

A: This is a normal feature of the Jetstorm shower head which acts as a self-draining mechanism. Water drains from the shower head air intake hole when water is turned off.


Q: My shower head is noisy.

A: Yes it is noisier than a conventional shower head. The sound is caused by the air and water mixing and accelerating through our Injet technology. The aircore technology is a key feature that makes our shower heads more powerful whilst consuming less water and energy.


Q: Water is coming out of the air intake hole when the shower head is in use.

A: This is caused by a build up of limescale.
The build-up of lime scale might block a few nodules and create back pressure. Simply clean yourshower head by rubbing the nodules on the face plate and then if necessary by soaking in white vinegar or by using a standard descaler product.


Q: How long is my Ecocamel shower head guaranteed for?

A: Ecocamel shower heads have a 2 year guarantee. they are not guaranteed against the build-up of lime scale which can be resolved by cleaning their shower head.


Q: I recently purchased a Jetstorm from you and for whatever reason wisQ&A to return it within my 30 day money back trial period.

A: Please return it to:

Ecocamel Ltd
North London Business Park | Building 3/4 | Oakleigh Rd South New Southgate | London | N11 1GN

Remember to ask for proof of postage.
Please enclose a short explanatory note and copy of the invoice. We will process your refund immediately upon receipt.